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About Me:

Hi there! I’m Kate, an abstract painter and handlettering artist. I was born and raised just south of Boston, MA, and graduated from Bridgewater State University in 2005 with a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design. 

After college, I moved back to the south coast of Massachusetts with my husband, and took a ten year break from making art in order to start a family. I started painting again in 2016, and haven't looked back since. In addition to being an artist, I am also a stay at home mom to our two kids (ages 6 and almost 2).

I paint primarily in acrylics and ink, using palette knives to achieve thick textural marks, then using ink to add details that accentuate the movement of the paint strokes. My work is often reminiscent of natural and organic forms, and my goal is to explore the emotional states that are tied to our universal experiences. 

I have an undying love for the color blue, and collect palette knives like it's my job. I drink way too much coffee, and enjoy singing loudly to classic rock while I paint in my cellar studio. My favorite things are watching cheesy action movies with my husband, dancing with my kids, and that first cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

If you are interested in my motivation and inspiration for each of the series I've worked on, please visit my "Portfolio" page. You will find a brief explanation at the top of each gallery.

Let's connect! 

I would love to hear from you with any custom requests, collaboration ideas, or even just to hear feedback on what you see here. Feel free to drop a line! 

Thanks for stopping by :)