ART & MOTHERHOOD: PART 2 - 6 Steps to Starting a Daily Creative Practice as a Parent

Hello again! As promised, in this post I plan to outline some basic steps that really helped me when I was starting a daily creative habit while home with my kids. (If you missed the first post in this series, find it HERE)

This is based on my own personal experience, and although I realize every step might not work for everyone, I’m hoping it will at least spark some ideas or starting points for you. If you have additional tips, please leave them in the comments so others can benefit from your experiences too!

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ART & MOTHERHOOD: Part 1 - How I Started a Daily Creative Practice as a Stay at Home Mom

After my last post, I received a whole bunch of follow up questions - thanks so much for all the feedback! Specifically, I heard that you’re wondering how I was able to carve out creative time while being home with two young kids. So this will be Part 1 in a series where I talk about how to start a creative practice as a mom / parent / caregiver and share my personal experiences with you.

So grab a cup of coffee, here we go:

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Welcome to my Studio Journal!

Hello and welcome to my studio journal!

I should probably introduce myself in case you’re new around here, so hello! I’m Kate, and I am an abstract artist and stay-at-home-mom, living just south of Boston, MA with my husband and two kiddos (ages 7 and 3). I have been painting steadily for about three years, following a ten year break from creating after graduating college.

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