Welcome to my Studio Journal!


Hello and welcome to my studio journal!

I should probably introduce myself in case you’re new around here, so hello! I’m Kate, and I am an abstract artist and stay-at-home-mom, living just south of Boston, MA with my husband and two kiddos (ages 7 and 3). I have been painting steadily for about three years, following a ten year break from creating after graduating college.


As you can see, although I went to school for Fine Art & Graphic Design, the road to calling myself an Artist has not been a smooth one. When I was in college, the prevailing “wisdom” was that art and motherhood do not mix.

Each of these things can be so all consuming, how on earth can a person dedicate themselves to both?

And because I did not have the motivation (or the guts) to challenge this idea, I stopped creating for ten years after graduating, getting married, and starting a family.


Several things happened in my personal life that pushed me back towards art. The biggest was losing my Dad in 2012. It was devastating, and really made me reevaluate how I was living my life.

I found myself scrolling Instagram, longingly reading about people who were creating beautiful things and putting them out into the world. And it made me realize just how much I missed having that in my life.

Eventually, I stumbled across other women who were doing exactly what I longed to do - be a mom and a creative all at the same time. Women who had heard that same old tired line about art vs family, but who decided to challenge it and just do the damn thing anyway.

That really gave me a push to get back to my creative self, and start a habit of making something small every day. That small habit has since grown into a strong creative practice, which i am so grateful for.

And that is exactly why I want to start sharing my story on this blog. Because it is SO common to hear parents (and mothers in particular) say that they don’t have time to be creative after having a family. Or to hear self taught artists say that they can’t call themselves “real artists.” And the list goes on and on.

Everyone has some reservation, some reason to allow that Imposter Syndrome to creep in.

I firmly believe that the more we put our stories out there, the more common it will become to see thriving, successful artists from all backgrounds. Artists who feel empowered because of their stories, instead of apologizing for them.


I’m passionate about so many aspects of art, but here I hope to discuss things like art & motherhood, how to bring art into your everyday life in a non-intimidating way, as well as what’s happening in my studio and general creative practices.

Let’s get started!

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