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Hi there! I’m Kate, an abstract painter born and raised just south of Boston, MA. I graduated from Bridgewater State University in 2005 with a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design. 

As long as I can remember, art has been my way of working through emotions - happiness, anxiety, joy, grief, the list goes on and on. My goal has always been to get back to a state of calm and peace by throwing everything I’m feeling at the canvas. The result is usually a painting that illustrates a push and pull between calm and chaos, similar to how the chaos of the ocean or a good thunderstorm can be strangely soothing.

I think we all strive to bring more serenity into our lives. My hope is that my paintings can bring some of that into your life as well.

So, here’s a little more about me; I currently live on the South Shore of Massachusetts with my husband and two kiddos, ages ages 8 and 3. In addition to being an artist, I am also a stay at home mom and coffee junkie. I have an undying love for the color blue, collect palette knives like it's my job, and have a habit of driving to the beach during rain & snow storms.

If you are interested in connecting about my work, please feel free to email me at ktangney (at) gmail (dot) com , or use the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!


2019 - ART OF WATER III - James May Gallery - Algoma, WI

2018 - 62nd ANNUAL ARTS FESTIVAL - Hingham, MA

2017 - SMALL WORKS - Groundworks, New Bedford, MA

2017 - "THE GALLERY" POP UP GALLERY - Discover Quincy, Quincy, MA

Features & Press

Boston Voyager

The Boston Globe

Maker’s Magazine

Issue 5: Home

January 2018

The Real Female Entrepreneur


November 2017

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I would love to hear from you with any custom requests, collaboration ideas, or even just to hear feedback on what you see here. Feel free to drop a line! 


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